Who the f*ck is this guy?

I’m Tarа́s Mа́tsyk (Ukrainian: Тара́с Ма́цик, Russian: Тара́с Ма́цык). A software engineer, blogger (blog in Ukrainian) and indie hacker

If you wonder why the title is so strong here are my life-time values:

  • People. \n
  • Software. \n
  • Experiments.\n
  • Love to swear. \n
  • Taras’ Needs Pyramide.

Among loving people and swearing I am a big fan of Hip-Hop, Tatoos (check my insta), occasional Travelling, Remote Work, Behavior Psychology and Indie Hacker Way

Why do you need a blog?

First of all, because I can and because building software is fun (sorry Medium, you will be always my second love). The next reason is because I have big plans and want people to be able to track it from the very begging. I am fine if I fail, what I am not fine with is if it is not going to be fun. That are two reasons why this blog exists and an author will be super happy if you find it fun or usefull.

What do you write about?

Mostly.. software? Naah.. Here I will be:

  • leaving all my discovering on blogging
  • making and launching side-projects indie-way
  • software architecture
  • management
  • running experiments on myself because why not

If you think there is more I can add here: shot out to me in twitter.

Where can I find more about you?

Well, it’s pretty easy, pick any icon in the header (on the left on desktops and top on the mobile devices) and send me a message. I always respond to emails and text message sent to me (private messager take more time) unless it goes to a spam folder.

Want to check my CV?

I am a big fan of Not Invented Here principle and do not want to invent one more LinkedIn or StackOverflow so here it is.

What are your engineering values?

Except Not Invented Here, SOLID, YAGNI and another bunch of buzzwords?

I love Open Source (read open-source-everything) and and a big believer in self-organization (here is a link to eXtremely Distributed Software Development).

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